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Welcome to SCEE Analytical Lab, School of Chemical & Energy Engineering.
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We provide chemical testing and analysis for academic and research purposes.

SCEE in-house analytical laboratory provides analytical/testing services for projects ranging from simple routine to advanced tests and chemical analysis. We offer a wide variety of analytical chemistry testing, including thermal analysis, chromatography, spectroscopy and size distribution analysis with various kinds of detectors and methods.

Our laboratory is equipped with high-end instruments and run by our dedicated and well-trained staff. We will provide you with the needed services and consultation to accustom to your expected results.


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Our Objective

To provide various chemical testing & analysis in academic and research fields according to the client’s requirements.

Service Provided

We provide analytical/testing services. We provide all chemical equipment related equipment facilities.

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Welcome to SCEE Analytical Lab

Welcome to SCEE Analytical Laboratory. We are here to serve and support our customer with full dedication. We offer wide variety of analytical chemistry testing including thermal analysis, chromatography….


Instrument Available

There are various range of instrument covered under Analytical Lab. They were classified into four categories which are Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Material Analyzer …


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