On 28th December 2018, our members went to KOPRIS (Koperasi Pekebun Kecil Wilayah Johor Selatan Berhad) Agro Tourism Farm located in Pengkalan Batu, Mersing, Johor. We went to have a closer look at dairy cattle and shrimp farming conducted by KOPRIS.

From left: Dr. Dayang, Dr. Zanariah, Dr. Norhayati, Prof Ida, Tn Hj. Yusuf (Chair of Kopris), Mr Afiq (Kopris) and Dr. Zulkifli (Faculty of Management, UTM).

Mr. Afiq giving explanation on the the cow’s feed.

Shrimp farming ponds. Propellers are used to direct the waste by-products and subsequently pumped out of the pond to maintain hygiene.

Workers catching shrimps using a net. Normally, the large net at the background is used to catch up to 500 kg shrimps at once.

Freshly caught white shrimps