Master vacancy

UPDATE: Application closed We are looking for an energetic and passionate person to work with us! If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in the following field, please contact us.

Congratulations Dr. Harfiz!

Congratulations Dr. Harfiz for successfully defending your PhD thesis on 17th Dec 2019. Pic (L-R): Prof. Dr. Azman (Chair), Prof. Dr. Russly (UPM-External Examiner), Harfiz, Prof. Dr. Ida Idayu (Supervisor), Prof. Dr. Ani Idris (Internal Examiner) and Dr. Nur Izyan...

Congratulations Nadrah!

Congratulations Nadrah for successfully defending your Masters thesis on 21st Nov 2019. Pic (L-R): Dr. Dayang (Internal Examiner), Dr. Eraricar (Supervisor), Nadrah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angzass (UTHM-External Examiner) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roshanida (Chair)

Congratulations Alyani!

Congratulations Alyani for successfully defending your Masters thesis on 5th Nov 2019. Pic (L-R): Prof. Dr. Hesham (Internal Examiner), Prof. Dr. Rosli (Chair), Prof. Dr. Russly (UPM-External Examiner), Alyani, and Prof. Dr. Ida Idayu (Supervisor)