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Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre (AMTEC), previously known as Membrane Research Unit (MRU) was established in 1990 in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Campus (UTMKL). Upon the organisation restructuring, the research unit has been moved to UTM Skudai in 2002. In 2008, AMTEC has been upgraded as one of the centres of excellence (CoE) in UTM. AMTEC is known as a regional and international referral centre for advanced membrane technology and applications. The vision of AMTEC is to become a hub of membrane-based technology for national human capital development and wealth creation and its mission is to establish as a world-renown centre of excellence in research development and commercialization. The centre is established to generate new and exciting research projects, to provide a centre for research activities related to membrane-based technology, to build research networks with research universities and industries in Malaysia and worldwide, to provide opportunities for research collaboration and facilities for visiting researchers, and to train new generations of postgraduate students in the field of membrane-based technology.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman


  • Fundamentals and application study of membrane-based separation processes
  • Polymer and inorganic membrane for gas separation and water treatment applications
  • Inorganic membrane (carbon and ceramic) for gas separation and water treatment applications
  • Thin film (nano) composite membrane for water and wastewater treatment processes
  • Biodegradable polymer-based composite membrane
  • Polymer-inorganic nanocomposite membrane & nanofibers for fluid separation and energy applications
  • Membrane contactors for gas-liquid separation
  • Synthesis and production of carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage and gas separation
  • Mixed matrix membrane for fluid separation and fuel cell application
  • Polymer solar cell


  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • GC-MS Chromatography
  • Differential Scanning Calirometry
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC UV-Detector)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Contact Angle System OCA
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer
  • Electrokinetic Analyzer For Solid Surface Analysis
  • Impedance Analyser Proton Conductivity (Fuel Cell)
  • Zeta Potential Surpass Analyser
  • U Spectrophotometer (DR4000/DR5000)
  • CCVD System/PECVD System/High. Temp. Furnace

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