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Centre of Hydrogen Energy (CHE)
The Institute of Hydrogen Economy (IHE) was founded in the second half of 2009 after more than two decades long experience in dealing with hydrogen, fuel cell and variety of related research area including but limited to polymer electrolytes, hydrogen production, storage and dispensing, fuel cell vehicle, power conditioning and prototyping. The institute undertakes technology development, standards and support services not only on hydrogen energy but also the entire domain of the economy as well polices associated with hydrogen as future fuel. Among others, the institute focuses on the development of hydrogen production and purification system, materials for hydrogen storage system, design and prototyping of various application system, testing and standardizations, and economic, social as well as policy related studies. In addition to research activities, services such as testing and validation as well as training and education together with consultancy are also provided.

IHE started as Fuel Cell Research Group in 1996 with initial funding of RM 2 million. In 2002, the group received another funding under IRPA for RM 15 Million for five projects. With all five projects successfully implemented and completed, the group submitted an application to the Senate for the establishment of Instute of Hydrogen Economy in 2009. Following the merger with Process Control and Safety Group, IHE formed a promising team

Assc. Prof Adnan Bin Ripin, Director of CHE

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Hydrogen can be produced via chemical and biological routes. IHE is employing various thermochemical processes such as gasification, pyrolysis, catalytic and steam reforming technologies to capitalize on the abundant waste availability in Malaysia. Efforts are made through the commissioning of the state of the art laboratory scale reactors and enhancing human capital development through various research and development activities. The importance of biological processes for hydrogen production is fully exploited by using fermentative micro-organisms activities. In realizing hydrogen as the energy for the future, demonstration projects for hydrogen and fuel cell applications have been implemented. The group has a long track record in developing demonstration project in applying fuel cell in wheelchair, tri-cycle and motorcycle.

Advanced Materials
In making new technologies affordable and sustainable, developments of novel materials play pivotal role. Our works include the development new generation membranes, ion-exchange resins, catalysts and adsorption materials for various applications and in particular to support the hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Process Safety
Our process safety research covers dynamic risk assessment, accident modelling, model-based fault detection, fire and explosion studies, inherent safety, inherent health, development of SHE indices as well as process safety management.

Process Intensification
In making chemical process equipment more compact and highly efficient, we intensify existing unit operations by incorporating selected physical and chemical phenomena. Our current works include theoretical studies, computer simulations and pilot scaled assessment, ultrasonic distillation and microwave spray drying process.

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