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Department of Bioprocess & Polymer Engineering

Updated : 24th July 2023

Director of Bioprocess & Polymer Engineering
Yanti Maslina binti Dato’ Mohd Jusoh, Dr.
T: 607-5535506

The 49 academic staff, together with other supporting staff in the department strives to contribute to the development of the nation, firstly by providing high quality education and supervision. Numerous efforts have been initiated for the said purpose; execution of 5S system at our teaching laboratories, increasing students immersion in industry via University-Industry-Innovation-Exchange (UNIX) program, and facilitating problem–based and lifelong learning activities in our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, to name a few. The whole idea is to provide necessary platform for producing human capital that are able to spearhead the national development, specifically in the field related to bioprocess and polymer engineering.

Research activities in the department are conducted systematically and strategically by grouping our academic staff and researchers in different research group, according to their expertise. Therefore, Microbiology and Fermentation Technology Research Group, Tissue and Cell Eng Res Group (TCERG), Bioseparation Research Group, Food & Biomaterial Eng Res Group (FoBERG), Advance Bioprocessing Research Group , Enhanced Polymer Research Group (EnPRO) and Biopolymer Research Group (BRG) are the main platform for the department’s members to explore the mysterious yet rewarding world of research. We seek to work together with our stakeholders in the industries to ensure that the research outcomes benefit the community.

Our ultimate goal is that by the synergized efforts from all the members, graduates of the department, expertise and research outputs, the department members are able to contribute to the advancement of human civilization.