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Updated : 9 April 2024


Ahmad Fauzi bin Ismail, Prof. Datuk Ir. Ts. Dr.
Naib Canselor
Energy Engineering
Membrane Technology for Energy, Water and Gas
Zainuddin bin Abd. Manan, Prof. Dr.
Chemical EngineeringSustainable Planning and Engineering of Resources, Materials, Energy, Power, Water.
Aishah binti Abdul Jalil, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5581
Chemical EngineeringElectrochemical, Synthesis of Advanced Materials, Photocatalysis, Adsorption for Green Environmental and Drug Delivery System, Heterogeneous Solid Acid/Base Catalysis
Haslenda binti Hashim, Prof. Ir. Dr.
T: 607-553 5478
Chemical EngineeringProcess planning/scheduling, modeling, simulation and optimization, Process Analysis and Improvement, Renewable Energy
Hesham Ali Metwallt All El-Enshashy, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5561
Bioprocess & Polymer Engineering
microbiology industrial biotechnology fermentation mammalian cells mushroom immobilization antibiotics enzymes biotransformation bioprocess technology microbial biotechnology applied microbiology fermentation biotechnology biochemical engineering bioprocess engineering microbial bioprocess cultivation of recombinant microorganisms high cell density cultivation mushroom cell cultivation mammalian cell culture probiotics and microbiome research bionanotechnology biorefinery biobusiness and knowledge based economy circular economy
Ida Idayu binti Muhammad, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5577
Bioprocess & Polymer EngineeringModeling of particulate food systems, biopolymer processing, active and intelligent packaging
Juhana binti Jaafar, Prof. Dr.
T: 607-5535352
Energy EngineeringMembrane, electrodes, catalyst and flow field for fuel cells; membranes and catalyst for wastewater treatment.
Lee Chew Tin, Prof. Dr.
T: 607-553 5594
Bioprocess & Polymer EngineeringMicrobial & Metabolite Profiling of Soil Microorganism for Sustainable Crop Production, Waste Management and Bioremediation
Mat Uzir bin Wahit, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5909
Bioprocess & Polymer EngineeringNatural fibre composite materials, rubber-toughened polymers, polymer nanocomposites and polymer for biomedical application
Mohd. Hafiz Dzarfan bin Othman, Prof. Ts. Dr.
T: 607-5535555
Energy EngineeringFuel cell, Membranes Technology
Mohd Ghazali bin Mohd Nawawi, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5593
Chemical Engineering
Separation Processes, Membrane Development, Separation Technology
Nahrul Khair bin Alang Md Rashid, Prof. Dr.
Energy EngineeringNuclear Engineering, Artificial Intelligent
Norasikin binti Othman, Prof. Dr.
T: 607-553 5561
Chemical EngineeringEnzyme reaction, artificial intelligence – neural network and genetic algorithm, software sensor, simulation and modeling
Nor Aishah binti Saidina Amin, Prof. Ir. Dr.
T:607-553 35588
Chemical EngineeringBiomass conversion, solar fuels, greenhouse gas mitigation, biorefinery
Rahmat bin Mohsin, Prof. Ir. Dr.
Energy EngineeringGas engineering system, Metering & calibration, NGV, Pipeline integrity, CFD turbomachinery
Roshanida binti A. Rahman, Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr.
T: 607-5535691
Bioprocess & Polymer EngineeringBioconversion of biomass, Enzyme technology, Bioprocess Engineering
Rosli bin Md Illias, Prof. Dr.
T:607-553 5564
Bioprocess & Polymer Engineering
Molecular Biology, Enzyme Biotechnology.
Sharifah Rafidah binti Wan Alwi, Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr.
Chemical EngineeringResource Conservation, Process Integration, Process Design and Simulation, Water and wastewater Minimisation, Energy Management
Zainura binti Zainon Noor, Prof. Dr.
T: 607-553 5485
Chemical EngineeringLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) and GHGs Inventories and Reduction Optimization, Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis