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Master of Petroleum Engineering


Department of Petroleum Engineering offers a taught course programme leading to Master of Petroleum Engineering. This programme is suitable for any graduate from science, technology and engineering backgrounds.


The Programme Educational Objectives  (PEOs): 

  1. Graduates incorporate in-depth petroleum engineering knowledge and principles in their professional works.
  2. Graduates manage conducive working environment and readily pursue different challenging roles in global petroleum engineering positions through effective team work, leadership and communication.
  3. Graduates demonstrate ethical responsibilities including social issues, safety and environmental awareness and continuously engage in personal and professional growth.


The Programme Learning Outcomes  (POs): 

  1. Integrate all knowledge about petroleum engineering and evaluate oil/gas field development project in professional practice.
  2. Formulate hypothesis, design, organize and perform research scientifically and analyse observed phenomena.
  3. Analyse situation and adjust oneself to practice communication in verbal and written mode to people from the same or different background.
  4. Demonstrate professional ethics and adapt ethics in research and oilfield development.
  5. Organize, adapt and apply contemporary knowledge independently and manage information effectively.
  6. Demonstrate and manage effectively, identify business opportunity and plan business.

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For further enquiries please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad A.Manan
Programme Coordinator
Tel: 012-7628267